Uplevel Your Sisterhood

Because it's time we go from sisters to soul sisters

The thing about sisterhood is that it doesn't matter what your age is, how you look, what type of music you listen to, how you were raised, or where you are currently in life, it will always find you. 


Sometimes, though, it can be disguised as really clever girl cruelty and then we become scared of sisterhood. 

Anecdote time: When I was in college, I lived in a dorm suite with 9 other girls, sharing a room with 3. 

Of those girls, I still talk to a couple every once in awhile, but during that time it was full immersion sisterhood. I miss it. I miss the sense of security and closeness and the sleepover feel of it. 

When we become adults we lose slumber parties and I think this is the biggest thing that I miss from sisterhood. 

You don't have to be up all night talking, for you to feel that security of sisterhood while at a slumber party. 

And I know, you've probably been to a few that have been judgy and you cried half the night and someone's dad had to call an intervention because the old friends and the new friends weren't getting along (been there, done that!) 

BUT, that doesn't mean all sisterhood is that way. 

While I can't give you the slumber party today, what I can give you is that camaraderie. 

Someone who is there every day to check-in and say hey. Someone who is going to inspire you and teach you and be taught by you. 

With this monthly membership, you will get :

  • Daily Voxer group messages - asking you how you are, what you are working on and where you are struggling. You can reply privately or in the group, and we will support you. 
  • Monthly lessons based around a theme.
  • Freebies and tips based on what everyone is working on and focusing on. 
  • a 10% discount every month for any other products and courses. 

Raewyn Sangari
Raewyn Sangari

About your facilitator

With soul talks, girl dates and coffee fueling her soul, Raewyn is the founder of Shield Sisters Initiative, an online community for female entrepreneurs seeking support on prioritizing self-love and a positive mindset. Vulnerable and strong are two words often used to describe her. She’s raw and real because being something else is not as much fun!

Raewyn is a mama bear to a strong-willed Warrior Queen toddler and wife to her high school best friend. For over 10 years, Raewyn has mentored girls and women, empowering them to embrace self-love.

“Every woman is a strong woman capable of self-love, self-confidence and achieving the goals in the deepest corners of her heart.”